Catching up with Lost

We are now a third of the way through Lost series 6, and because I was able to watch the most recent episode in Aberdeen as it was broadcast on Sky, I’m up to date with the new season for the first time.

That has allowed me to delve, free from the risk of spoilers, into the ever-helpful resource that is Lostpedia.  Essentially a “Lost” wiki, Lostpedia contains a myriad of pages on the characters, events, places and even mythology of the show, providing the kind of detail that you can too often miss when simply watching episodes.

Series 6 hasn’t been exactly the most bewildering but it’s still been helpful to remind myself of a few facts and get my head straight about the compelling “parallel universe” basis of the series.  It’s too early in the series to speculate how things might end, but there are so many options and possibilities, as Lostpedia outlines, and while we’ve had several mysteries explained there are still more to be cleared up.

Alas, like a briefly-passing portal in time, my ability to delve into Lostpedia will be… well, lost as of tomorrow, as the USA airs the next new episode, Lostpedia fills with new spoilers, and I have to wait for the next installment to arrive in the post from Justin.

I can’t wait.  I wonder what I’ll do once Lost is over?

3 thoughts on “Catching up with Lost

  1. Pretty much the main reason why you’re one of my favorite Joinees is that when we met all those years ago, you got confused because you thought Lost was a reality show. “There was a plane crash, and people DIED?” Priceless.

  2. How funny! I’d never even heard of that show.

    I’m doing pretty well, celebrating my daughter’s first birthday today! Her new favorite thing is to wear a colander on her head. I stay at home with her and am expecting baby #2 at the beginning of August, which is slightly terrifying considering how close in age the kids will be (not quite 17 months apart). My husband’s working on being cancer-free; he had a thyroidectomy in September and starts a radioactive treatment in a few weeks. We’re planning a vacation to tour Vietnam on motorcycles, despite the fact that neither of us has ever ridden one (also slightly terrifying).

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