Catching up with myself

Last week was ridiculously busy in terms of travel, and there was a lot on at the weekend, so I am only today catching up with myself.

I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted while I was away, but a wee handful that I did take are now on Flickr.  There are a few nice shots included from among the four flights I took as I zig-zagged the country.

It struck me, though, particularly as I flew from Kirkwall to Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Lerwick, and Lerwick to Aberdeen, how those big airports treat the island flyers like second-class citizens.  You have the longest walk between the heart of the terminal and the gate, and it’s as if they want to tuck you away out of sight, down long, bland, Kubrickian corridors that seem to take hours to reach the end of.

I guess that’s the market for you – islanders have to fly (and the services are subsidised, I think), so there’s no alternative or need to impress people with the service at the airports.  Perhaps those on the bigger routes, such as to London or mainland Europe, sneer at folk on the island flights as they walk past.

Never mind, you get better views on the island flights, and that’s fine by me.

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