Glasgow church search

In 2006 when I moved to the west end of Glasgow for eighteen months, I hunted around for a church. I visited a large number, and reviewed them on my website. It proved a controversial and enlightening experience. Here’s the full story all in one place.

Christianity and secular democracy

In which I accuse some elements of atheist and humanist movements of failing to distinguish between those Christians they oppose, and those who might agree with much of their arguments; and in which I suggest that achieving their objectives might not create an atheist utopia but in fact liberate Christianity and faith to be even stronger.

Anticipating “The Golden Compass”

The Golden Compass, part one of the big-screen adaptation of Philip Pullman‘s brilliant and controversial trilogy “His Dark Materials“, is out later this week. It’s an epic trilogy which has caused an epic controversy – so here’s an appropriately epic blog (one I wrote earlier!) with my thoughts on it. The novels tell the story…