The road to Skye

The road to Skye

In which I drive to Skye and back and, for once, stop off en route to take lots of photos. It still doesn’t scratch the surface of this incredible route for a road trip.

Bealach na Bà


A few words and pictures from a spectacular day trip to Applecross – surely one of the best places on the west coast of the Highlands.



When revisiting a place, it’s always good to see it through different eyes. On a repeat visit to the French city of Toulouse recently, I had the chance to do just that – using very different eyes indeed.

London skyline

Nothing to report

Recent trips to Edinburgh and London have made me realise I saw nothing of the two places. Catching up with friends in the evenings is great, but just occasionally I think I’m going to go wandering by myself to see what interesting thing lurk waiting to be discovered.

A work trip to Bucharest

Here are a couple of posts I wrote following a 2012 work trip to Bucharest, Romania; in which I reflect on the artificial reality of a large hotel that could be anywhere, and the surprising awareness among the locals I spoke to of goings-on in Scotland.

Luxembourg, by train

Find all my posts from our 2012 long weekend in Luxembourg here, including an introduction to our trip, the sights of Luxembourg City’s upper and lower parts, the obscure Luxembourgish language, the highlights of the country’s food and drink, and our stops en route home in Brussels and London.

2013 in review

As I reported at the tail end of last year, 2012 was a big year for travel – I visited eight foreign countries in total, the most since 2001. My prediction that 2013 would be quieter on the travel front was correct, but only to an extent. Yes there was no overseas travel, but I…