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Ulrich SchnaussI know you’ve all been desperate to hear my thoughts on the Ulrich Schnauss CDs. I’ve received… ooh, more than minus one emails about it.

Well, they tried to get delivered this week, and I went to the post office this morning to pick them up.

Goodbye is definitely up to Schnauss‘s usual standards, but it has its differences. Some tracks use voices, others are more complex, verging on the slightly chaotic. But all have the trademark soft, chilled beats that make it a perfect album to relax to.

The Quicksand Memory EP is very good too. One new track, one from Goodbye, and two remixes of previous album tracks, and overall it’s a nice wee collection.

If you like your music soothing and chilled but still interesting and chirpy, I can heartily recommend these. I’m looking forward to getting more of a feel for both of them.

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