Changing hands

The HarlequinI was catching up with various friends in the Harlequin last night, perhaps my favourite pub in Inverness, and one of the few with a nice beer garden.

Only it’s no longer the Harlequin – it’s under new management and is now called the Castle Tavern.

I don’t like people tinkering with things that you’re used to (newspapers always seem worse after a change of font, don’t you think?), but thankfully the Harlequin is no worse. In fact, it’s perhaps slightly better.

The new owners are apparently the folk behind the lovely Clachnaharry Inn, which is famed for its lovely food and extensive range of real ales, so it’s reassuring that both of those have transferred over to the Harlequin.

I was there til closing (the joy of being on holiday!), but please observe the steady-handedness of my photos from the walk home.

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