Completing the story

Well, it’s been a week since I emailed FORK, and there’s been no response. I’m sure it’s not intentionally rude – I suspect things must be so busy at FORK Towers that my email slipped through the net. The river Kelvin must have more friends than I thought.

However, I’m not giving up. And in fact, I quite fancy giving them some help – it could be that the story is not complete because they simply don’t know what happened.

So, I’d like to get people’s suggestions for how the story finished, and I’ll email them again in a few days with some/all of the contributions. You’re more than welcome to join in. It’s very simple:

  1. read the half-written story on the door.
  2. think up a conclusion, perhaps no more than 30 words or so, beginning “…and subsequently…”.
  3. post it here!

You know you want to.

8 thoughts on “Completing the story

  1. Ok, mine is:

    “and subsequently, the floods were found to have been instigated by SKAT (Scotstoun and Kelvin Against Tolls) in order to attack the bridge. The three ringleaders were tracked down and hanged on this very spot.”

  2. and subsequently things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth, and for two and a half thousand minutes the bridge fell out of all knowledge.

  3. …and subsequently discovered in Milton Keynes, being used by a community of retired Ninjas to make easier on their now crumbling knees, the traversal of the ASDA car park.

  4. And subsequent to an internal efficiency review at Glasgow City Council, all mural painters will have their positions reallocated with immediate effect..

  5. Simon,

    I’m not the email guy for FORK but I do work with the clean ups and am a FORK (member).

    Send me an email with any questions (I’m travelling until august 17th) and we can chat by cyberspace. The next clean up will be this Saturday 1030am at the Ha’Penny Bridge House. A friend and colleague Stuart Weir will be there (

    BTW – I’m not sure how I ended up on your blog but I found your post quite funny.

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