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Donald has just told me a nice witticism via MSN Messenger – “Computers are like Air Conditioners. They stop working when you open Windows…”

That brings to mind this blog entry from Graham (plus the two before it) about the PC v Mac debate, which I found very interesting. I am increasingly certain that when I replace my current laptop I will switch to a Mac (though I have no immediate plans). But before I do, you can expect me to launch another debate here to get some final help from knowledgeable friends.

And talking of debates on computery issues, stand by for another one starting here in the next few days – Facebook…

4 thoughts on “Computery stuff

  1. simon-
    i, too, have been vaguely intrigued by this perrenial debate. i have concluded that when i sell the flat and move to glasgow (imminently), i will destroy my PC which has died consistently and on average every second day for the last year, and replace it with a big ballsy imac. the one with the 24″ monitor and muscle-flexing capacity to do stuff.

    my favourite notion in the debate, however, is the rationale upon which i have based my decision. imacs just look plain cool. aint no denying it, sir.

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