Courier article on The Next Stop

Click to read the Courier article in a large image.I was approached recently by the Inverness Courier to do a piece about The Next Stop.

I’d been interviewed by them not so long ago, mainly about The Return of the Mullet Hunter. So for a different tack they suggested I give a taster of some of the stations I visited on my journey for The Next Stop, majoring on the Highland ones.

Here is the article from last Friday in print (right) and online on the Courier’s website. I consciously didn’t pull punches in what I wrote, because I had no desire to be dishonest about both the positive and negative things I said in the book about the places I visited. So apologies if anyone from Aviemore read the article and was upset.

But let’s face it, Aviemore really is bland and soulless.

It’s just as well I didn’t include a bit on Ladybank, but then again the Inverness Courier is unlikely to be read down there…

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