A couple of Aussie articles

The modest flurry of media coverage of “Up The Creek Without a Mullet” in Australia continues.

First up I was in the Brisbane Courier Mail on Tuesday of this week. Readers of UTCWAM may recall towards the end of the book me describing an interview with Rod Chester from the Courier Mail, and chatting about everything from the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to fish factories.  It was a fun chat because after a raft of nerve-wracking, time-pressed live radio interviews it was a pleasure to talk at length in a more relaxed way.  We spoke at length for this recent article and it was nice to catch up with Rod again after five years and talk about how the mission had turned into a book.  Incidentally, you can follow Rod on Twitter.

Secondly, I was in yesterday’s Illawarra Mercury (online and pdf).  Again, readers of UTCWAM will know that I owe a lot to the Mercury – they did a couple of great articles about me in 2005, one before my arrival which led to me meeting some wonderful people, and then one upon my visit to Mullet Creek, Dapto, the headline of which inspired the book’s title.

Their article yesterday was at one point the fifth most-read article on the Mercury’s website. Frankly I struggle to believe what four stories could possibly have been more important to the people of the Illawarra region…

And finally, I have one forthcoming radio interview (I’m waiting for ABC Brisbane’s breakfast show to read the book), and my recent ABC Perth one to upload – I’ll share it with you once I’ve figured a way of doing so.

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