Cover uncovered

Just a few days before Sandstone Press go public about “Up the Creek Without a Mullet”, I can exclusively reveal the front cover.

Here it is on the right. I hope you’ll agree it’s pretty cool. When I first saw it I definitely got a tingle of excitement. Somehow it all feels a lot more real now I’ve seen and approved the cover.

It was a very enjoyable process to come up with a cover, but very challenging too. I had to think about what, exactly, the book was all about – not in a few words, but in a picture.

Vague ideas turned into precise pictures and then finally into a refined product as emails and drafts were batted between publisher, designer and author (me, obviously).

I hope you like it! I certainly do.

The book, as I think I have mentioned before, is out in February, but should appear on Amazon and elsewhere for advance purchases before then.

More on all that malarky very soon…

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