Creating God

A challenging sermon tonight, before which David told us that there were two sermons he was planning on delivering in the next while – “Encountering God” and “Creating Community”.

Tonight’s one, according to the intimidation sheet, was entitled “Encountering Community”. Now either that was a typing error, or we’re going to get a sermon next week on “Creating God”.

Phew, controversial.

I’m looking forward to seeing how David approaches that one.

9 thoughts on “Creating God

  1. LOL. Please do take notes. My seminary education has yet to teach me how to create God and I have precious little time left in school before I will be ousted into the world where I will have to try to figure out how to do it by myself.

  2. Funny how so many churches have intimidation sheets isn’t it… ours does too!! (and they seem to work … as long as they are read with a suitable amount of menace… )

  3. I am not completely sure what you two mean by an intimidation sheet. I think if someone passed out an intimidation sheet (whatever that is) here in America, people might be too intimidated to return to church.

  4. Sorry Jenny its just sad Scottish word play… Its actually intimations (announcements/news/whats on this week, etc…) but its funny for some reason to refer to them as ‘the intimidations’…

  5. m0ok, yes I remember seeing that a while back – it’s an excellent site! I wonder if it could be the start of all sorts of other styles for recreating the Bible.

    Perhaps the off-beat mind of Japanese animators would manage to do a good Manga-style “creation of the earth”? Or you could do a Tarantino version of most of the Old Testament…

  6. Well, I did see a Manga Bible advertised in one of the most recent Wesley Owen flyers. And there is a new dramatised audio bible featuring the voice of one Mr Samuel L Jackson as GOD. GOD!

    “Say what again, Jonah. SAY WHAT AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you…”

  7. I will now be unable to read Genesis 3 without imaging SLJ doing a voice over…

    Also the brick testament is highly hilarious and not for those of a sensitive disposition… I never realised lego could be so versatile…

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