Danny Wallace: Awkward Situations for Men

In many ways a perfect holiday read, “Awkward Situations For Men” is short, snappy, entertaining and easily-digestible. The latest book by journalist, TV and radio presenter, writer, actor and cult leader Danny Wallace is a light-hearted look at the kinds of awkward situations he finds himself in at work, among friends and in everyday life. From accidentally following young women down dark alleyways to finding himself suddenly unable to pee at a public urinal, the book’s short chapters – many originally columns in Shortlist – are the sorts of cringeworthy and later humorous situations we can often tend to find ourselves in.

Danny Wallace is capable of a rich and often biting humour, not to mention very powerful writing of a more serious nature. “Awkward Situations For Men” is slightly different – he writes in a way that is a bit more self-deprecating, a bit more accessible perhaps to younger audiences, and it is a book that is almost over before you have started. That’s a shame in a way, but as a collection of columns and short anecdotes it perhaps inevitably won’t have the depth of his other outstanding tales like “Are You Dave Gorman?“, “Join Me” or “Friends Like These”.

Moreover, many of the situations are ones that not just men will be able to relate to, and as such “Awkward Situations For Men” is a great book to dip in and out of and generate some good laughs.

2 thoughts on “Danny Wallace: Awkward Situations for Men

  1. I have just started reading his first book ‘Yes man’, willlook out for this one too. Even though, I am not a man. Apparently. See you on Tuesday.

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