Day 2: What is “sliced”?

I’ve (more or less) figured out my definition of bread. What is my definition of sliced?

Wiktionary defines “sliced” as something that has been cut into slices.


The definition of “slice“, then, is “A thin, broad piece cut off; as, a slice of bacon; a slice of cheese; a slice of bread.” The idea of a thin slice seems to imply something that can be sliced into numerous pieces where the thinness and broadness is such that it is always more broad than thick. And if you take off one slice, there’s more than just one slice left.

This in my mind rules out what you’d normally do to a roll, bagel, panino, and so on in terms of cutting them into two bits, as Jon implies, which doesn’t really strike me as slicing at all.

So as long as I eat bread in chunks or portions that are not slices, I’m fine.

I think.

5 thoughts on “Day 2: What is “sliced”?

  1. Simon, it seems to me that you’re not taking Lent very seriously. You have given up something that is incredibly easy to give up, and at the first point of resistance you fall back on semantics.

    Give up bread- or wheat products entirely – and then you can claim to have made a worthwhile sacrifice.

  2. Aah but thats the whole point – Lent is to be more of a laugh for the Piskies and the Anglicans, someone somewhere decided they took Lent all too seriously and just weren’t having enough fun…It must be true ‘cos I read it in the Times the other day…Us Presbyterians on the other hand – laugh a minute all year round (obviously) not just during Lent.

  3. Still the worst attempt yo giove something up for lent ever. Why not just give up swan meat? It seems like that would be the same massive level of sacrifice to you…

  4. Listening to the radio today and heard “Imitation Of Life” by REM including the lines: “You want the greatest thing
    The greatest thing since bread came sliced.
    You’ve got it all, you’ve got it sized.”

    Perhaps you could give up REM?

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