Death in the morning, incest at night

I returned to Sandyford Henderson today for the morning and evening services, and this blog’s title was how a guy I got talking to this evening summed up the sermons. Cheery stuff, but then it was deep Old Testament texts, and those guys really went in for their murder, warfare and sexual deviancy. Which I suppose was why God was always so busy with his “smite” button back then.

The minister, who was apparently away when I visited in round one, preached two excellent sermons today, with good use of powerpoint, gentle drops of humour, and a lot of social relevance, which I suppose is often hard to derive from obscure bits of 2 Chronicles or Genesis, today’s texts.

It was nice to be back, and the welcome was good, particularly from the studenty-types in the church. I was very warmly welcomed as I came in both times – the guy on the doorstep was cheerful and chatty in the morning and remembered me in the evening; the intimation sheet hander-outers were friendly too. And the old woman sitting next to me in the evening engaged me in a bit of a discussion about the sermon afterwards, which was nice, although she perhaps didn’t recognise me as new, and not many of the older members of the congregation seemed to be interested in speaking to me.

Despite the very warm welcome and great feel about the place, I’m in two minds about it. Although there’s a busy midweek calendar, the only deeper thing that might be relevant to someone like me is their Wednesday night prayer meeting, although that is everyone altogether. There are no cell groups or home groups, which is something I’d really look for in a church because of the depth of understanding and friendship you gain in a way that you can’t in bigger gatherings.

But that said, it was a wonderful place with great teaching and a friendly atmosphere, and I really enjoyed being there.

And incest too. What more can you want?

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