Déjà vu

Following my earlier post about Dunrobin Castle and the Highland Clearances, it was something of a coincidence that I should sit down this evening to watch something I’ve been meaning to watch for a while – Who Do You Think You Are?’s episode with comedian and star of That Mitchell and Webb Look, David Mitchell.

David Mitchell’s family tree was explored in fascinating detail, featuring two strands: one a line of farmers in the far northern coast of Sutherland, and the other a minister’s family in Sleat at the south end of Skye. While there was something predictable in this London-based show’s slightly patronising and dismissive treatment of the highlands and the Gaelic language, it was nevertheless an interesting watch, and neatly explored a little of the facts of the Highland Clearances that I reflected upon while writing my earlier blog entry.

It was also very nice to see a number of very beautiful, but also quite familiar, locations in the footage. It’s well worth a watch, although of course the BBC iPlayer is only for those lucky enough to be citizens of this more or less United Kingdom.

Oh, and earlier in the evening, Nicole and I took an amble along the river and through the Ness Islands, rewarding ourselves afterwards with a pint at the ever-excellent Castle Tavern; and who should walk in as we exited, but Caley Thistle manager, assistant to George Burley, and patron saint of bloodied headbands, Terry Butcher. He didn’t recognise me, though.

Not that he let on, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Déjà vu

  1. Ooh, when I was in your country, I saw “Who Do You Think You Are” with Kim Cattrall on it (a fellow Cdn). Her grandfather turned out to be a total jerk though! Anyway, it was an interesting program, and too bad I can’t watch it over here. 🙁

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