Destiny: midweek

I went to Destiny’s Wednesday night meeting for students and young professionals, along with John, my new friend that I’d bumped into on Sunday.

It was an interesting experience – it was a bible study, prayer meeting, mutual support time, discussion group, communion, and lots else all rolled into one and stuffed up in the upstairs of Starbucks on Byres Road. John and I were new among the twenty or thirty people who attended, but such is the seeming growth and vibrancy of Destiny that seems to be enjoying lately that we met a few folk who were relatively new there themselves and had only been to the Wednesday night bash once or twice.

Although serious and thoughtful in direction, it was an informal event, and well led by one of the pastors from the church, Liam, who had preached on Sunday night and who I had a really interesting discussion with about what Destiny stood for, where it had come from, and where it was going.

There wasn’t a huge “let’s introduce ourselves to the obviously new people” culture among the established folk there, which was a shame, but John and I both got talking to enough people between us to get the impression that it was friendly enough, and there were interesting things happening in the group.

Liam explained to me that they’ve had an interesting range of speakers coming to join them in the past, including everyone’s favourite Big Brother Christian, Cameron Stout from Orkney. In a couple of weeks’ time, he told me, they have a very intriguing-sounding bloke – a pentecostal church leader from somewhere in the south of Glasgow, who is a former homosexual, used to be Freddie Starr’s warm-up act, and was Ireland’s 1982 Eurovision entrant.

With a billing like that, how can I not go back?

4 thoughts on “Destiny: midweek

  1. If it’s the minister from Elim in govanhill I think he’s a really cool guy. Great preacher with an awesome story and really passionate about God!

    I also voted for Cameron on Big Brother 26 times!! (OK, so my credibility has probably gone right down now, maybe I should have kept quiet on that one!)

  2. Yes Biz, I think it was the Elim pastor if I remember rightly.

    I ended up not going back, so have no idea what the event was like. Will look out for him in the future, perhaps.

    And don't worry, your dirty Big Bro secret is safe with me (and everyone who reads this).

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