"Eagle-eyed detective"

Mystery house in Inverness, snapped on the iPHoneI find the Highland News, Inverness’s answer to a cross between the Sunday Post and the News of the World, endlessly amusing.

A few weeks ago I read an article appealing for information from some folk who had found an old photo of a house among the possessions of a deceased friend.

They believed the house to be in Inverness, though it (strangely, for an area with minimal Jewish heritage) appeared to have a star of David carved into the stonework.

Nicole pointed it out some time afterwards while out for a walk, and I remembered the article. I took a photo on my iPhone and wrote to the paper.

Apparently this mundane action makes me a “detective” and “eagle-eyed” according to the recent follow-up article. All I did, however, was send a quick email, and in any case it was Nicole who first noticed the unusual masonry.

The Highland News would have included my address and age had I supplied it to them, but I didn’t as I saw them as irrelevant details and frankly rather cheeky questions to ask.

You can always trust the HN to hype a story up beyond the facts, especially where – as in this case – it was a somewhat boring story to start with.

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