"Eg eri fullur, kanst tú lovad maer inn a hotellkamarið!"

That’s the Faroese for “I’m drunk, please help me into my hotel room.”

I’m not, I should point out. I’m currently sitting in Justin‘s living room in a very haar-ridden Aberdeen in advance of tomorrow’s flight, and I’m quite sober, thanks for asking.

But it’s one of the very useful Faroese phrases supplied to us by the SFA. Along with our Scotland tickets for Wednesday came a little fold-out guide, not unlike a Snapfax. It contains some handy tourist tips, information about the stadium and how to get to Toftir, and a section entitled “Winning Words” – some snippets of the local language every Scottish fan will need.

So I am currently trying hard to get my tongue round the key phrases the SFA believe no Tartan Army foot-solider should be without, including “you have beautiful eyes”, “do you want to learn a song?”, “my mate is a bit crazy, but he’s harmless”, and of course “nice weather you have here.”

Sadly, there’s no translation of “We hate Jimmy Hill, he’s a poof.”

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