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So it seems Obama did it. Phew.

Despite my concerns about BO, I’m delighted to know we’re not going to be invading anyone new for four years.

Connected to that is thisJeremy Paxman interviewing Dizzee Rascal. Much as I detest hip-hop culture, people pretending to shoot pistols with their hands, and the word “innit” (I winced as I typed that), Dizzee Rascal (who I never knew was Bri’ish til tonight) got over some good concepts: not least that we could have a black PM here, and that people should not be constrained if they have belief.

As the sage philosopher himself decrees: “I think a black man, purple man, Martian man could run the country, whatever man, as long as he does rap by the people.”

I do think the clip’s incredibly funny, though I have yet to decide on what level.

Eclipsing all of that, of course, is the Glenrothes by-election. Someone will take a dent – either Alex Salmond and the credibility of an independent Scotland in the current economic climate; or Gordon Brown and his reputation as a safe pair of hands for the economy.

Exciting times…

Oh and I had a good couple of days in Skye, thanks for asking. I took a couple of photos which I might upload if I can be bothered.

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to do your rap by the people, innit.

6 thoughts on “Elections and stuff

  1. I read your first BO post, and was impressed even though I didn’t fully agree with your analysis. I’m not sure we can be confident about not invading anyone new in the next four years. Whatever the wishes and plans of the Bush administration before 9/11, it was 9/11 that gave them the green light for their actions. Even if an Obama government isn’t so aggressive in its plans and ideology, a 9/11-esque event would undoubtedly bring about more violence and probably another invasion. America – like most Western liberal democracies – doesn’t know any other way of dealing with aggression. And when you look at the senior staff BO is choosing for his administration, things are not going to be so very different behind the obvious change, a change which in itself is the achievement.

    Here’s something that intriques me, and which no-one I’ve read is commenting on. It appears to me that there are many similarities between Bill Clinton and BO, both as individuals and as politicians. BO’s term in office will simply be a continuation, with an 8 year disconnect, of the Clinton era. Let’s hope BO fulfils some of the promise that Clinton offered.

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