Emails, pictures and dates

I’ve received an email from the events coordinator at the Blackwell’s store in Edinburgh which hosted last week’s reading, with some photos she took.

So there you go – proof people turned up.  And in fact, one of the folk who came along out of the blue wrote a blog  post about the reading.

Meanwhile, word continues to spread about “Up The Creek Without A Mullet” in other ways.

For instance, I am among the many people who seem to receive regular emails from Amazon recommending the book.

You can prevent such recommendations by clicking buttons saying “I’m not interested” or “I already own it”, but I’ve yet to find the option that says “I actually wrote it, thanks anyway”.

Just yesterday I got a lovely email from a guy named Nick who stumbled across the book via one such Amazon recommendation, and he wrote:

I just finished the book 10 minutes ago and can honestly say that I really enjoyed it.  You have a very natural, conversational style of writing that suited the book well.  I hope that you have more writing planned as I shall definitely check out any future works.  Of course the whole ‘mission’ was gloriously pointless but that’s part of the appeal.  There are always lots of sensible reasons not to do stuff but when you look back the things that stand out in life, the things that make it interesting, are very rarely sensible.

I couldn’t agree more, Nick.  Here’s to being very rarely sensible.

Tomorrow is the reading in Stirling (as plugged in an article by the Stirling Observer), and a week today is Glasgow.  Full details here.

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