Emerging details

I met up with Bob, my publisher from Sandstone Press, last night.

We were discussing details relating to the launch of my book and various other bits and pieces do to with publicity.

The launch will take place in the Bishop’s Palace, a beautiful old annex to Inverness’s Eden Court Theatre.

As the name suggests, it was the residence of the Bishop of the nearby Inverness Cathedral, and became a part of Eden Court in the 1970s I think. I’d never been in it, and just as it is impressive outside, so it is inside. It is either very under-utilised or very under-publicised.

I took a couple of photos of the interior, albeit on my iPhone.

If your experience of Eden Court has only been the architectural mixed bag that is the main venue spaces, then my launch will be the perfect opportunity to see around the quite lovely old palace.

I’m still waiting for one or two other details to be confirmed, but for the time being you might like to put Monday 1 February at 6pm into your diary, or check out my latest post on my Sandstone blog. If you can make it, of course…

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