End of the road

It’s almost the end of the trip – just a few days before flying back home to Scotland.

Internet access has been infrequent in the last few days, so apologies for the lack of updates. By way of brief catch-up, we’ve been in San Francisco, Eureka, Portland and now here, which is Olympia, near Seattle.

There’s loads to tell, but it’ll all have to wait until I get back, as will the photos.

But it’s been fun.

Oh, and it was raining today! The weather and the scenery up here in Washington state could very easily be Scotland.

More soon.

4 thoughts on “End of the road

  1. it’s good to be back in blogland! ur adventures sound excellent, look fwd to reading more detail once ur more regularly connected again!! if time allows u should visit the LA Mission, they do amazing work and i’m sure u’ll find some genuine mullets!!!

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