I'm feeling a bit sorry for England at the moment – specifically the players at the World Cup. They were criticised after their first two matches by their impatient, insatiable media for their peformances, despite winning both games with no goals conceded. Sure, they should have beaten Sweden but with the injuries suffered and the fact that the match was not a must-win, the draw was hardly the national disgrace many would have you believe.

So I'm breaking ranks with many in Scotland, and am hoping England do well in the World Cup, because the players deserve it. In fact, I was never especially anti-England to start with, just indifferent. However, the irritating, jingoistic London media means I still don't want them to win.Croatia v Australia

My loyalities are nearly torn tomorrow for the Croatia-Australia match, but I will overall be rooting for the boys in the red and white checks from the land of long rocky coastlines and Tomislav beer.

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