My fiancée and meI’m engaged!

To be married, I mean. Not in the toilet or on the phone. And if it was that, you can be sure I wouldn’t blog about it.

Anyway. Engagement.

To those of you who are regular readers but with whom I haven’t been in touch for a while, this probably will come as a bit of a surprise. You might not even have known I was going out with anyone.

Many of my friends who I texted the other day to share the news certainly didn’t, and it shows how rubbish I am at keeping in touch with people that some of the responses included “Um… I presume she’s your girlfriend?” and “Congratulations. Who is this?

We’ve been going out for about six months now, but I didn’t blog about it because when it comes to such matters, I regard blogging the same way as getting tattoos. A tattoo of a loved one’s name is a sure sign that you’ll break up the next day and be left with a permanent reminder of your double stupidity (though I do not base this claim on personal experience). Plus, of course, work and family are not things I blog about anyway, for all sorts of hopefully obvious reasons.

But now we’re engaged, it’s something I can’t really not mention in my blog. And she will no doubt feature in these hallowed pages now and then. I proposed in Glen Affric on Monday (see photo).

More on all this some time soon, but in the meantime it goes without saying that we are dead chuffed and have quite a bit of planning to do.

Oh, her name’s Nicole and she lives on Deeside in Aberdeenshire. She says hi.

22 thoughts on “Engaged

  1. Congratulations Mr SiVar, though I’ve said it elsewhere already. I shall congratulate you again properly in person very soon. Possibly tomorrow, depending on whether you’re in the fair Midlands city by then.

    PS Blogs aren’t quite as bad as tattoos, because you can delete them easily. Oh, I now want a programmable tattoo. That would be awesome. Even though I would probably get bored with it very quickly and just leave it on skin texture all the time.

    PPS I’m sure you can’t have surprised everyone as much as my brother did. Engaged after 10 weeks, married after 7 months.

  2. Congratulations once again, Simon and Nicole. I continue to be thrilled by the excellent news. As for mentioning partners / loved ones / etc on the blog, well, it took me six months to get round to it officially, rather than as an aside, and I do blog about warm-and-fuzzy-relationship based stuff. I hope I don’t wind up regretting this particular tattoo! 🙂

    So looking forward to seeing you both on Friday! 🙂


  3. Hi Simon – Aileen here of Hilton Kirk and Malina fame (if you know what I mean…) Congratualtions to you both (I would use an exclamation mark at this point if the one on my keyboard worked…) Look forward to meeting Nicole and hearing of the romantic proposal in wooly hats xxx

  4. Congratulations!! And on what grounds can we all be sure that you “wouldn’t blog about it” if you were engaged on the toilet or on the phone? Somehow it wouldn’t entirely surprise me…

  5. Congratulations, Simon.!

    You don’t actually know me, but you do have one of the least bad st.silas affiliated blogs – keep up the good work :-).

  6. hiya simon,gordie here from uhi stornoway,class rep for multimedia and it,going on to do hnc computing next,big congrats on the engagment,well done you

  7. Simon! Congratulations! I must say, however, that I suspected something along these lines was up when you stopped the couch-surfing engagements…

    Gavin and I send our best wishes!!

  8. Simon Simon Simon..your engaged incase you didnt realise…Its so great…how much you pay her??
    So happy for ye…whoop whoop whoop!!!

  9. The news of your impending nuptials has reached New Zealand where I am currently residing. Congratulations!

    I shall toast a fine kiwi pinot noir to your happy union (any excuse…..)

    Morag x

  10. Hi there Simon, probably don’t even remeber old Bibble form Aberdeen AUSFF. Anyhow congrats on the engagement. Was looking for the link to your mullet page for the iron maidne fan club page as tow people have a mullet growing competiton going (In New Zealand). Me thinks it will be a slow race. Any way congrats.

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