Events, dear boy, events

Tomorrow night is my book reading and discussion in Dingwall – 7.30pm at the Greenhouse, details on the events page.  Please do come if you can, and please don’t if you can’t. It is more of an “in conversation” format than a fully author-led format, so I’m looking forward to seeing what questions are thrown at me and where the conversation ends up.

Despite this, I have half an eye on my challenging event in June in Edinburgh, details again on the events page.  I’m a little more nervous and apprehensive about this, partly due to the unusual format and also due to the hardcore adventurers I’ll be sharing a stage with.

Thirdly, and just as a wee sneak advance teaser, I have another book event coming up in August which I’m very excited about, and I’ll semaphore you in due course once details are confirmed.

3 thoughts on “Events, dear boy, events

  1. The Edinburgh event sounds exciting – presenting alongside Mark Beaumont – thats pretty cool! His first book is sitting next to yours on our bookshelf. sadly i won’t be able to attend but i’m sure you will rise to the occasion.

    thanks for the AV comments, its been hard to find any sensible discussion about it. On Radio 2 yesterday the best person they could find to advocate AV was Peter Stringfellow.

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