“…a remarkable evening’s entertainment…”A Gurn from Nurn

I am available to bookstores, writers’ and reading groups, book festivals and so on, including through the Scottish Book Trust‘s Live Literature Fund. Topics for talks, presentations or workshops could include my mullet-hunting journeys, travel writing or travel and adventure generally. If you are interested in having me along, please get in touch. Distance is not necessarily an object!

Events can include a variety of multimedia dimensions to bring my topic alive, and both the mullet mission and my stop by stop rail trip lend themselves to a quirky presentation involving the use of photos and videos.

Any fixed dates will appear below, and a selection of my past events are further down the page.

Past events include speaking in the daunting Pecha Kucha format as part of the charity fundraiser “Night of Adventure” (see video on the right) in 2011, where I presented to to an audience of nearly 500 and shared a billing with renowned adventurers including Alastair Humphreys and Mark Beaumont. I spoke at another such event in 2013.

I have experience of running workshops in the school and prison sectors, and I’ve also spoken and presented at the Inverness Book Festival in 2011, Solas Festival in 2012, and a number of readings at the time of the launch of my first book “Up The Creek Without a Mullet” in 2010.

Forthcoming events

Nothing at the moment, I’m afraid.

A sample of past events

Tuesday 1 July 2014
Nairn: hosted by Nairn Bookshop at Nairn Community and Arts Centre, as part of Independent Booksellers’ Week. Details.
Monday 2 September 2013
Edinburgh: among the presenters at Home & Homes for Children‘s Night of Adventure. See my presentation at the top of this page.
22-24 June 2012
Solas Festival: Biggar, South Lanarkshire
Saturday 2pm: A part of the comedy quiz panel.
Sunday 12noon: A talk about travel, writing, adventure and that infamous haircut.
Thursday 1 March 2012 Inverness: World Book Day events at Millburn Academy, through Live Literature Fund
Wednesday 10 August 2011 5.00pm Inverness: event at Inverness Book Festival
Monday 13 June 2011 Edinburgh: among the presenters at Home & Homes for Children‘s Night of Adventure
See my presentation online.

Up The Creek Without A Mullet 2010 Launch Tour

Monday 1 February 6.00pm Inverness: launch
Bishop’s Palace, Eden Court Theatre IV3 5SB
Tuesday 16 February 7.30pm Inverness: reading and discussion
Highland Literary Salon, Glen Mhor Hotel IV2 4SG
Tuesday 2 March 6.30pm Edinburgh: reading and signing
Blackwell, 52-63 South Bridge EH1 1YS
Thursday 11 March 6.30pm Stirling: reading and signing
Waterstones, Thistle Centre FK8 2EA
Wednesday 17 March 6.30pm Glasgow: reading and signing
Biblocafe, 262 Woodlands Road G3 6NE