Explosions in an undecided location

Boys in blue

No sooner are we back from Austria, than I am already pondering another adventure.

I returned home yesterday to a delightful piece of news on the Explosions in the Sky mailing list.

Not only do they have an album coming out in the spring, but they are touring Europe in May of next year.

I saw the Texan post-rockers last September in Sheffield, and would happily travel a long way again to see what is probably my favourite band.

They are visiting only eight places, two (Manchester and London) in England – and of course none in Scotland (though hope springs eternal).  My first thought was that the two English venues would be reasonably accessible and cheap by train, and wouldn’t necessitate too much time away from home, but now the thought has popped into my mind of one of the further afield places.

I’ve been to – and liked – all the other locations bar Cologne, and would happily return to them, especially somewhere like Brussels or Amsterdam.  But then, with a probable trip to the USA next autumn to save for, it’s going to be more tempting to stick to the English dates.

Decisions, decisions.

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