Extra time in bed

I slept very well last night.

Not only had the clocks changed, but the latest innovation at church, the second morning service, kicked off today. All in all, it added up to the glorious total of an extra two and a half hours in bed this morning – most welcome after getting back late yesterday after work.

Such has been the growth at Hilton, that the powers that be recently decided to introduce a second, later, service on Sundays. I quickly decided I would go to the later one, partly through laziness and partly due to the expressed intention that the later service would be a more experimental, informal one.

And so it turned out this morning. It was informal, it was a bit different, and somewhat reminiscent of Hilton’s evening services. However it didn’t tell me much about what it will look like in the future as the service was mostly led by some visiting missionaries. However the plan apparently is to shape the service around the sort of congregation that turns up. Which raises the question about what happens if nobody turns up because no plan/theme/intention is made clear.

It will be interesting to see how things evolve, and such is the depth of abilities in Hilton and the thought that has gone into the idea of a second service, that nobody appears all that worried about the second service not succeeding, which is encouraging and exciting.

One thought on “Extra time in bed

  1. Great to hear your thoughts on the service Simon. I was there out of curiosity and because I wanted to get involved in something experimental as well. We’ll see how the later pans out over time. I think we’re meeting at some point on website stuff so we can catch up more fully at that point.

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