Facebook on trial

Thanks to everyone who commented about Facebook on my recent post.

I’ve been thinking about it all quite a bit, having more conversations with Facebook users (Faceheads?), and even getting a few “guided tours” of peoples’ Facebook pages to see how it all works.

And the more I hear about it, the more I am intrigued. While I still think it has the great potential to be a waste of time, I’ve found many arguments very persuasive. As Kieran implies, it’s a great way to see who knows who, and how people know each other – and as I have blogged before, I am fascinated by “small world” moments and the theory of “six degrees of separation” and Facebook appears to be a great playground for exploring it.

I certainly maintain significant cynicism about it, and still think it’s a great way to stalk someone, even with good privacy settings, but perhaps it’s time I stopped criticising from the sidelines. Rob persuasively argues that I should at least try it before condemning it.

And as the saying goes, “try everything once, except incest and Morris dancing.” *

Therefore I am going to give Facebook a try until perhaps the end of the year, and will no doubt blog about my experiences of it here.

So here goes. Who wants to be my friend?

* Who exactly said this? Google is somewhat ambiguous.

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