Famous people

I went to the chippy tonight because it’s Saturday and I couldn’t be bothered cooking. Guess who was in front of me in the queue? Go on, guess.

Oh, alright, it was Billy Connolly.

In. My. Local. Chippy.

Which reminds me, I was walking to work the other day and I could have sworn Robbie Coltrane drove past me in a Cadillac. And I saw the bald bloke who played the bank manager in City Lights, on Byres Road not long ago too.

None of them recognised me. Not that they let on, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Famous people

  1. Some of the guys in my band played for his 50th birthday a while back. The celebrity guest list was unreal:
    Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Michael Parkinson, (sting couldn’t make it) and numerous others.

    Later in the evening, Billy was showing the musicians around the house. Apropos of nothing…
    Big Yin: “Aye, it’s a nice place to live. Have you stolen anything?”
    Band (spluttering) “what? No!!”
    Big Yin: “Ach, come on! Call yourselves musicians? Stick something in your pocket!”

    Sadly, this is the closest I have come to meeting a celebrity.

    Ah, no wait! I met Roy Walker out , erm, walking… his dogs on the beach at West Kilbride. Best thing my wife could think of saying…
    “It’s Roy Walker! We hear you every morning on ‘car park catch-phrase'”
    He looked nonplussed.

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