Farewell Ferengistan

Album coverThis evening I have mostly been listening to Banco de Gaia‘s new album, Farewell Ferengistan. A one-man outfit from the southwest of England, Banco de Gaia’s music is complex but chilled-out electronic dance, heavily inspired by Oriental cultures such as Tibet.

Unlike some of his previous albums, which usually had one or two songs I found boring, hard to get into or out of the mood of the rest of the album, Farewell Ferengistan is consistently good throughout. The tunes are solemn, gentle and take their time to get fully into their swing, and so make perfect listening on a quiet evening.

And even better, he’s playing live in Glasgow at the end of September, and I just bought my tickets tonight. I’ve never seen him live before (he does very few live appearances) and so am really looking forward to it.

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