Free ebook – Up The Creek Without a Mullet

UTCWAM coverA bit of news to update you on, dear reader, which means you have the chance of getting a free book!

I am delighted to announce that I have reissued my first book, Up The Creek Without a Mullet, after buying back the rights from its original publisher, Sandstone Press.

This means I am now an entirely self-published author, with all my past titles – and for the foreseeable future my forthcoming ones too – published entirely through my own efforts.

The are two main changes with the reissued UTCWAM. First, I’ve tidied up a few long-standing errors (mostly typos but one or two factually incorrect bits too).

Second, I’ve been able to make the price a bit more reasonable, with (for UK readers, at least) a £6 price tag for the paperback and £2 for the ebook versions.

It is available in two ebook formats, Kindle and Kobo, the latter readable on a variety of platforms such as iBooks, Kobo itself and others.

But rather than buy it (and this is the exciting part), you can get the ebook for free if you sign up to my newsletter.

My newsletter, as introduced recently on this blog, is an occasional update (every few months so far) on my travels and travel writing activities, and is replacing my Facebook page as the first place to get any major news.

And I thought it would be nice to give subscribers to the newsletter a wee present. So if you fancy a free copy of Up The Creek Without a Mullet in either Kindle or epub versions, then sign up and you’ll be taken to a download page.

To those who take advantage of this, thanks for playing a part in the second incarnation of UTCWAM: first published in 2010 and now hopefully given a new lease of life.

Happy reading!


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