Friday 9 December, 2005

In response to yesterday, it seems he was protesting about some court decision, but gave up his protest when an accident happened right next to him.

Anyway. Tonight I was at the panto with a couple of mates. It was Sinbad, and it was great fun, a really good laugh, and starred all the usual bit-part actors including everyone's favourite ageing DJ Tich MacCooey, and had a cheerful script with all the usual bad puns and double-entendres. We went for a pint along the river afterwards in McNabs and found ourselves talking to Sinbad himself, who was a thoroughly decent egg.

In the panto itself, we were right at the front surrounded by kids, however, most of whom were getting a bit raucous at times. There was one brat of a kid who was a definite heckler-in-training one row back from us. When Fatima (played by some fat bloke who's been in lots of stuff) and Mustava (some QMUC graduate) introduced themselves to the audience, they said "Well, this lot look a bit strange tonight…"

"Fu*k off!" came the perfectly audible response from behind us.

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