G'day from New Zealand

Auckland, New ZealandExcept “G’day” is Australian, isn’t it? “Kia Ora”, I suppose they’d say here.

Anyway. I’m here, and I’ve already managed to pack heaps into my few hours so far in Auckland, seeing quite a bit of the bustling city centre and beautiful coastline.

It’s a compelling and beautiful place, and the weather is outstanding.

I’ve also spoken to two journalists since landing. If you happen to be listening to Radio New Zealand at 8am local time tomorrow, you might just catch my dulcet tones – you can tune in online. That will be 8pm Thursday night for those on GMT.

Then this weekend, make sure you ask your newsagent for the Sunday Star-Times. I believe I will be in it.

I’m heading north of Auckland tomorrow after the radio interview to go mullet-hunting, and am looking forward to getting out and seeing a bit more of the country and meeting people in the next couple of weeks.

I will have to try very hard, however, not to take the puss out of the iccents.

3 thoughts on “G'day from New Zealand

  1. Kia Ora – it’s too orangey for crows!

    Imagine what would happen if the Star and Times brought out a hybrid over here? Would be inclusive (of all reader types) I guess!

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