Get a signed copy of Up The Creek Without a Mullet

I’ve been asked by quite a few folk if I can sign their copy of Up The Creek Without a Mullet.  Often such people live a long way away and it has obviously not been very practical to do so, especially if they couldn’t make it to any of the readings or signings.

So besides the other methods of buying it, such as Kindle, online stores or your local bookshop, you can now get Up The Creek Without a Mullet direct from me, signed individually to you or whoever you choose.  This means you can give it as a personalised present to friends, relatives or of course just for yourself!

Using Google Checkout, just select your location from the drop-down above and click on “Buy Now”.

A few details:

  1. You don’t need to have a Google Checkout account, as you can also pay with credit or debit cards, but you will need a Google account (these are dead quick and easy to set up, and you may already have one if you use a Google product like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube etc).
  2. The cost listed in the drop-down below is less than the RRP, but includes a bit extra to cover some of the postage and packing costs (hence it’s more expensive for those not in the UK – sorry) and the tiny fee that Google Checkout charges me for each transaction.
  3. By using Google Checkout, I never get to see your bank details (and indeed you never get to see mine).  I do get sent your postal address (obviously!) but promise not to give it to anyone nasty.  Or to anyone really nice either, for that matter.
  4. If you want the book signed to someone other than the name that appears on the order or want any particular sort of message included to the recipient, or if you have any questions at all about this process whatsoever, please email me.
  5. I’ll normally post your book within twenty-four hours of receiving your order.  But if I happen to be away then there may be a delay of a day or two, in which case I will contact you to explain.


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