Getting down to writing

I’ve somewhat neglected the blog of late, but my feeble excuse is that things have been busy.  Not that busy, really, but enough such that, with a slight motivation gap, has left me not having done much worthy of reporting.

Finding the time and motivation to get stuck deeply into writing the sequel to Snow on the LechtUp The Creek Without a Mullet has been hard, but I’ve been finding more of both lately, which is most satisfying.  I’ve also been doing a few bits and pieces about the first book and even looking at planning a mullet trip for 2011.

I’ll have a few interesting things to report on here in the coming wee while.  In the meantime, here’s a photo taken yesterday on my iPhone of snow on the Lecht.

Winter’s a’coming, there’s snow on them there hills,  and the nights are fair drawing in…

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