Getting married in Costa Rica

This weekend I am moving flats. The place I am moving to is in a different part of Glasgow, and has a lovely view over the West End and is closer to work and church. So I am looking forward to settling in and having an extra ten minutes in bed each morning.

Because of my change of address and the fact that I am probably going travelling in September, I sent a big circular email to about a million people in my address book, to give a quick update (incidentally if you didn’t get it and feel you should, email me).

Gmail advertI use Gmail as my email thingy, and when you get messages in your inbox there are adverts on the right-hand side, which claim to be relevant to the content of your message.

Justin emailed me back, however, to say that when reading my message in Gmail his adverts included ones for retro wedding invites and moving to Costa Rica. He included an image of the adverts which you can see on the right.

So, that’s my life plan, then – get married and move to Costa Rica.

I know nothing about Costa Rica other than they beat Scotland in the 1990 World Cup, and have no armed forces (according to one of my first year international relations lecturers at uni, the government realised years back that such was the frequency of coups in central America the main threat to the country’s security wasn’t from their neighbours’ military but their own).

But seriously, it got me thinking: how about making life decisions purely according to what adverts in Gmail suggest?

A project for another day, perhaps…

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