Glasgow joins the tour list

I’m rather delighted to announce that a reading has been lined up in Glasgow, making March a busy month on that front.

Glasgow is not only a place I lived briefly and have many friends in, nor am I only delighted that I lined up the reading on the same date as the Mono gig at Oran Mòr.  But more than that, I’m chuffed that the event will be in a location which really contributed to the book becoming reality.

When I lived in Glasgow, between February 2006 and September 2007, I dusted down my notebook from my mullet travels and began writing up the story so far.  Much of this work was done in the lovely wee cafe and second-hand bookshop Biblocafe on Woodlands Road, who do an awesome white hot chocolate.

It seems only fitting, therefore, that my Glasgow reading will take place there. It will be at 6.30pm on Wednesday 17 March.  As with the others, it will be a chance to hear a few extracts from “Up The Creek Without A Mullet”, buy the book (there will be plenty for sale on the night at less than the cover price), ask lots of questions, and sign my copy.  All that, and excellent drinks and eats available on the night to buy too (including the lovely white hot chocolate).

I’ll not be detaining you for long, either, because I have to fly off a little over an hour later to Oran Mòr.

Please do spread the word!  Oh, and there will be limited numbers of seats as it is not a vast place. so please feel free to get there early and grab a drink (did I mention the white hot chocolate?).

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