Glasgow church search

In 2006 when I moved to the west end of Glasgow for eighteen months, I hunted around for a church. I visited a large number, and reviewed them on my website.

The search gained a considerable amount of attention online, and while some of what I said was controversial and close to the bone, and while I might regret some of the bluntness all these years later, it was an accurate portrayal of my experiences of the different churches at the time. The search taught me a lot, too, and led me to a church in a way I didn’t quite foresee…

Read all the posts in order:

The search begins
Round 1 visits: Finlay Memorial, The Tron and Destiny | Sandyford Henderson | St Silas | Wellington | St Peter’s RC, Partick
Addition of another church: Re:Hope
Round 1 continues: C7 | Partick Trinity | Re:Hope
Another addition and an email from a disgruntled reviewee
Round 1 continues: Queen’s Park Baptist | Reflections at end of round 1
Round 2: Battle plan
Round 2 reviews: Destiny Sunday and midweek | Sandyford Henderson | and a surprising denouement at St Silas
Post-search reflections 1 | 2 | 3 | and the whole sorry tale gets written up in a book of Christian meditations

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