Going north. No, really north

Faroes.  Not to be confused with pharaohs.I have spent this weekend in a beautifully warm and sunny Aberdeen. It’s such a lovely city in the sunshine, with the bold, dramatic granite buildings standing crisp and clear against the rare phenomenon of cloudless skies. My main purpose for heading north was to go to a friend’s wedding reception, but it also allowed me to do a bit of planning for my next overseas adventure: the Faroe Islands.

My autumn trip was provisionally going to be Canada, to hunt mullets, but next week’s journey to two Mullett’s Farms in Suffolk (more about that later) has meant I can satisfy myself that I’ll get some mullets this year, and will leave Canada for a later trip, perhaps at the same time that I visit the USA. So to replace Canada with another overseas trip, I figured it would be nice to visit our near neighbour to the north for no other reason that it might be a fun and different. A number of friends fancy coming along, so I was able to meet with Justin, Niall, Mark, and Mark’s girlfriend Claire yesterday to figure out when and how we would do the trip.

To be honest, I don’t know much about the Faroes, other than that they’re into whaling; and that the postmen, schoolteachers and fishermen in their plucky national football team punch significantly above their weight, as Scotland know to their peril. Moreover, the weather in autumn is likely to be less than tropical and there might not be a huge amount of sunlight. And from the little research I was able to do over the weekend, travel might be tricky beyond October, with the few flights and ferries beginning to thin out as winter sets in.

Should be an interesting trip then.

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