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Canadian flagI booked flights to Canada today.

With the world tour postponed by a year, I was still keen to do some sort of mullet tour this year, to keep my hand in and my enthusiasm up. And so Canada it is.

The two Canadian mullets, one near Toronto and the other near Montreal, are not too far away from each other, and I can only spare about a week for this leg of the adventure. So unfortunately I won’t really see that much of the land that brought us mounties, lumberjacks, neverendums and people who say “aboot”.

No doubt the mullet-hunting will keep me busy, and there’s a handful of friends and family to visit too. But if anyone has any other suggestions for things to see in that neck of Canada, I’d be grateful to hear.

9 thoughts on “Going to Canada

  1. You’ve never truly been to Canada until you can drive all the way across from coast to coast (I’ve done it 3 times). It takes a minimum of a week depending on your pace and how many stops but another option would be to take the train (very expensive). You must put this on your list of future trips. Montreal is a lovely city and probably the closest to feeling European. Toronto (the centre of the universe) is a big city. Lots of traffic and noise. Do NOT go to the mall (Eaton Centre). Go to Casa Loma, the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), people watch at Nathan Phillip Square (in the winter they turn it into a skating rink) and if you can get out there go to the Science Centre, when I was a wee little one we lived in one of the high rises across the street and I would take my plastic goldfish rod and go ‘fishing’ in their fountain. Toronto has an excellent transit system (subway, bus and streetcars). But be warned in August both Toronto and Montreal will be stinkin’ hot and muggy.

  2. in Toronto they speak a bit funny. if you want to buy a bottle of water, you have to ask for a baa-dle of waa-der. otherwise they will be extremely confused. (This happened to me and it took about 5 minutes to make myself understood)

    also, if you go to Niagara Falls, and there’s a big thunderstorm, the cheapest place to shelter and eat is in the casino.

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