Great music

ShutterI’ve just got back from a phenomenal gig at the Ironworks.

Kyte were awesome – lively, smooth, energetic and very down-to-earth and likeable. Quite why they’re not better-known, I have no idea. It was great that they came all the way up from England to Inverness.

Pl3xus was another support act who I was thrilled to discover. From Inverness, Pl3xus is a one-man electronic music outfit, and the soft, catchy music has echoes of Boards of Canada and other such names. I loved it, and can highly recommend a listen.

The “big names” of the evening, Shutter, are also from Inverness. In the same vein as Mogwai, Shutter were just as I imagined after listening to them online: loud, explosive, raw, and absolutely fantastic. Their instrumental rock music was complex, skillfully-played, and quite simply awesome. I truly hope they become more widely known, as they’re a great advert for music in Inverness.

I took some (not very good) photos.

2 thoughts on “Great music

  1. Hi Simon,

    I love your photos. Especially the Hogmanay fireworks. Well done.

    What kind of gear do you use?

    Thanks for supporting Shutter. We love playing and glad you enjoy our music.


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