Greetings from Brisbane

Beach in BrisbaneIt’s my first full day in Australia and thanks to a mammoth sleep last night I am over the jetlag.

It’s great weather – normally it should be over 30 degrees and humid here in Brisbane at this time of year, but it’s unseasonally mild right now with forecasts of a cyclone, so unlike the locals I’m delighted with the cool breezes and occasional showers.

I’ve had a good time catching up with friends and doing some exploring. I was here two and a half years ago when doing the Aussie leg of the mullet search, and it’s nice to see both new and familiar places. It’s a lovely city – clean, green, laid back and (as you’d expect from any city outside the UK) it has excellent public transport. There’s a couple of photos in my emerging Australia set, to which more will be added in due course.

The Nelson Mail article worked, too, in that I have received emails from several helpful New Zealanders with useful information about the four mullets. More on all that later. It’s also been picked up by the NZ Herald in this somewhat cheeky piece.

Hogmanay tomorrow. Not that they call it that here. Happy New Year if I don’t blog before.

3 thoughts on “Greetings from Brisbane

  1. That is a somewhat cheeky piece! Correct. But it’ll get you loads of spam! Nice. Merry Hogmanay or summat! Enjoy the summer time or whatever you are getting… Would say ho ho ho, but it’s a bit late for that!

    Happy mullet hunting…

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