Hello from Leicester

What a day.  Up before 6am for the 0646 train south, a meeting in Stirling, then on to Edinburgh for a flying visit to the office there, before another three – yes, three – trains to get me to Leicester.  Edinburgh-York, York-Sheffield, and Sheffield-Leicester.

And so here I am in a nice hotel in the city that brought you Leicester City FC, Leicester Piggot, and Leicestershire sauce.  No wait… 

Anyway, more importantly, Leicester is one of the UK’s major centres for curry, and I must have passed about five or six curry houses in the short walk from the station to my hotel.  It was extremely tempting to go out for a curry in such a heartland, and indeed to have taken a wander around a city I’ve never been to before.

However, exhaustion from a long day plus the allure of the election coverage has led me to get an early night.  Another time, perhaps.

Tomorrow: work all day, then a train back in the evening as far as Edinburgh.

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