Hello from the land of Tuesday

Team NorthIt’s only the first day of a four day working week, but I’m already knackered.

Maybe it’s the fact that I am still in pain from the big match at the weekend (see photo), or maybe it’s my body and mind slowly beginning to anticipate a forthcoming week off.

Ever since returning jet-lagged and not a little overwhelmed from New Zealand, I’ve really struggled to keep on top of things – work has been monumentally busy and I’ve had very little chance to unwind. However, thanks to accruing lots of overtime since returning from the trip, I am off the whole of next week.

I can’t wait.

However, before that comes two work trips, Arbroath tomorrow and Cupar on Thursday. Not long to go til the weekend…

In other news, have you ever found a website not working and wondered if it’s just you? Wonder no more.

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