A new era

I’m currently experimenting with WordPress, which is a fancy blog management thingy. It basically means that rather than editing my own blog, I do it through another website, which allows for RSS (like “subscribing” to a website), reader comments, and of course my ability to write from anywhere in the world effectively.

After much boring HTML editing, I now have it “embedded” in my website. I don’t have all my older stuff up, though – you’ll find the old blog here until I move it all over, which will be in the next few days.

Not quite sure whether it will work, but we’ll see! This is all a bit new and radical to me…

4 thoughts on “A new era

  1. Varwell, you have opened up one hell of a Pandora’s Box once you allow reader comments on your site. Do you know what you are letting yourself into? The shield between your church readership and your “Aberdeen friends” has gone! You’re a brave man, Varwell. I wonder what your church groups will make once the truth about your coke-snorting, homosexual orgy, virgin sacrificing past comes out. Mind you, I suppose they get up to all that anyway.

    When are you getting to round 2 of your church reviews? There seems to be about 200 churches in this round right now. I really should visit and maybe even come to a church with you, if the power of God doesn’t create an invisible barrier to keep the likes of me out of his holy space. Actually, I think it more likely I’d be too hungover to get up at that time in the morning.

    Say hello from me to all the pretty girls at tomorrow’s church please.

  2. Thanks for that Niall.

    You really should go to church some time – most of the ones I’ve been to here have actually been moving over to replacing the bread and wine in communion with lines of coke and flutes of champagne. Nice combo.

    And I can confirm that round 2 starts in a fortnight. Fear not.

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