Highland Literary Salon

It was quite a nerve-wracking experience speaking about the book in front of a room of (mostly) friends and family on Monday night.  I can imagine that speaking about it to a group of writers would be even more so.

And yet that’s precisely what I am doing in a couple of weeks.  I was surprised and delighted to receive an invitation to speak at the Highland Literary Salon a wee while back.  I’d never heard of it, or literary salons generally (the idea brings barber’s shops to mind).  However, it seems they are a long-established concept, with one begun in Inverness just last year.  I will be speaking to this gathering of local writers, alongside someone from Sandstone Press, about the process of being published, approaches to “alternative” non-fiction, and writing humour.

Now of course, you are probably thinking a number of things.  Not least (if you’ve heard my jokes) that I am far from qualified to talk about humour.  You may also be considering how a book inspired by a terrible haircut can be described as “literary”.

I must admit I am not sure myelf, but I will find out on the 16th of February at the Glen Mhor Hotel, Inverness.  The event will be open, I assume, to anyone interested in matters literary, including the thoughts, ideas and processes that go into the writing and publishing of a book.  I think there’ll even be a few copies of “Up The Creek Without A Mullet” available to buy.

I’ve updated my events list with full details.

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