Home and away

Over a week with no blog entry. My reassurances to those already engaging in wailing, gnashing of teeth, and ripping of sackcloth: fear not, I have returned.

My absence has been partly down to very little to report and partly down to being busy at work.

This weekend was a fun exception though. I had Australian travel writer Peter Moore staying with me for the weekend, taking up an invitation I sent him in response to his latest project, a tour of the UK to prepare for his forthcoming citizenship test. You can follow his progress on his project site and on his blog.

(Talking of Peter’s blog, a recent post brought this to my attention. Very, very funny for anyone who’s been to New Zealand.)

Highlights of this past weekend included the Inverness Highland Games, a trip to Applecross and some great (and some not so great) live music in town. Sunday night, thanks to Peter, involved seeing The Proclaimers close the Games with a gig at Bught Park.

Photos of all the above and more to follow later on this week. For now, though, work has spirited me away again on my own adventures – Edinburgh and Aberdeen for work until Wednesday night.

3 thoughts on “Home and away

  1. The Proclaimers? Amazing!

    And I’m exactly the same…the busier I am, the less I blog. Hence why now, during summer break, I’m blogging loads – in September it’ll calm straight back down!


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