Home, briefly

I’m on my way back from Edinburgh after a long, tiring but rewarding week, and am looking forward to the weekend.

It’s an all too short respite from travels, however. After a day of sorting myself out, tomorrow night is 2001: A Space Odyssey at the cinema (thoughts to follow no doubt), then early on Sunday it’s off to Sheffield for the keenly-expected Explosions in the Sky gig and a quick day trip to see a friend in Bradford.

I’ve been looking forward to EITS for a long time now – they’d better not be rubbish after all this anticipation. Though I am sure they won’t be…

From the land of cultery I head to London for work and hopefully some seeing of friends, and arrive home on the sleeper (get me with my green credentials) on Thursday morning.

My reward (punishment?) for all that fun will be a work trip to Fraserburgh on Friday.

Wish me luck.

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